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About us

Why Haresfoot? 

Haresfoot Brewery was created by a group of local beer enthusiasts who share an unquenchable passion for the artistry of brewing. Our ambition to offer a unique drinking experience of the highest quality to the local community and beyond has been driving our team forward for three years.    

After exploring Haresfoot Farm as a possible site for our premises, we felt that ‘Haresfoot Brewery’ had a nice ring to it. Also the name of a school and park in the town, ‘Haresfoot’ is a word at the centre of Berkhamsted’s community, reflecting our philosophy of celebrating local tradition and culture.

Established in 2014, our first premises in Berkhamsted opened to the public a century after the town’s last brewery Locke & Smith closed its doors. This year, exciting new ventures have led us to relocate to Chesham, where we continue to honour our local roots while pursuing new horizons for our much-loved ales.

At Haresfoot Brewery we pride ourselves on our hands-on approach to brewing. Our team take the best from tried and tested popular recipes and update them with cutting edge ingredients, flavours and combinations to create fresh and exciting products. Each beer is unique and has its own story. Visit our 'Meet the Beers' page to find out more.