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Meet the beers

Meet the brew boys

Scott Carter, our Head Brewer, is the man behind the recipes for our bottled craft beers. Scott says "Drawing the best from tried and tested recipes that have proved popular over the years and giving them a modern twist is what makes our beers different".

George Boustred has joined our team as Assistant Brewer. George lives and breathes the leading edge London craft ale scene and is currently developing some exciting new draught beers for Haresfoot. Visit our website and Facebook page for updates.

Head Brewer Scott Carter

The Haresfoot Brand

Our Haresfoot logo features two hares, one looking back at tradition and the other facing forward towards the future. Celebrating both old and new, this perfectly captures the philosophy behind our craft ales. Since 2014, our hare-adorned beers have been proudly served in pubs throughout England, Scotland and Wales.